Do You Have a Certified Tax Preparer?

July 19, 2021

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Every american citizen, resident or not, must file their taxes with the Internal Revenue Service. Many people, however, remain unfamiliar with the process of preparing and filing their taxes, so they seek the assistance of professional tax preparers. If you're part of this group, here's a question for you: Does your tax preparer have the proper credentials to file your taxes?

Certified Tax Preparer Can Sign a Tax Return Form For You
It's common for people to request professional tax preparation services after learning about their acquaintances' experience hiring a tax preparer. Another common scenario would be someone within your circle recombining a tax preparer they heard about. In both instances, the question remains: Is this person certified and properly authorized to handle your/your company's financial information?

How Do I Know if I'm Hiring a Certified Tax Preparer?

It's important to understand that tax preparation professionals have an identification number or PTIN that enables them to prepare federal taxes, as well as the legal authority to sign the tax returns on behalf of their clients. Additionally, the IRS supports those who which to work as tax preparers as long as they take a season to complete an 18-hour long training program. At the end of the program, all participants receive a certificate allowing them to legally provide tax preparation services for other clients and businesses.

It would be best if you kept all these factors in mind before hiring a tax preparer's service. You'll be supplying private information because, according to legal authorities, you're still responsible for all the taxes you file, regardless of the person preparing those taxes.

Recommendations to Help You Hire a Certified Tax Preparer

Certified tax preparers can be lawyers, certified public accountants, or agents licensed by the IRL, but there are many people out there forging their credentials to scam taxpayers. Here's what we recommend:
  • Ask for documentation proving your preparer's credentials before hiring their services: It's important to request all the due certifications before giving away your tax documents or your financial information.

  • Certified tax preparers do not sign tax returns with a self-management / "self-prepared" stamp. Whether they provide services for a taxpayer or a third party, they are obligated to sign the corresponding tax return with their first and last name.

  • Verify their professional record: If you're going to hire someone else's services, it's important to know about their previous experience, including their professional history, former clients, and the way they performed their services in the past.

If you follow these recommendations, you will be able to secure a successful and reliable process, which you deserve when working through something as important as preparing your taxes.

The Best Certified Tax Preparers in Miami

United Tax Groups offers the most specialized services in Miami and the rest of the country, all from certified tax preparers with over a decade of professional experience. Our professional tax preparation team is highly trained and certified by Florida's most renowned Accounting programs. We also offer the latest tracking technology and the most efficient management system to help our clients in all sorts of accounting and tax preparation services.

Certified Tax Preparers Fill Out Your Tax Return Form
With our certified tax preparers in your corner, you will ensure that all your federal taxes are free of mistakes or omissions while learning the legal process involved in getting credits/benefits from your tax return. Our tax preparers have all the necessary knowledge to help you stay up-to-date with your payments (individual taxes, state taxes, local taxes, income taxes, commercial permits, etc.), maximizing deductions and minimizing the load of your tax obligations.

Avoid getting scammed by an uncertified tax preparer! Learn more about our professional services by calling (786) 431-5576 or filling out our website's contact form. Our tax preparers help you secure the best service to plan, prepare, and file your individual and business taxes.

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