Learn About the IP PIN to Protect Your Identity During Your Tax Return

September 20, 2021

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For several years now, there have been numerous demands brought to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) relating to frauds on tax refunds resulting from identity theft. This is why in 2021 the IRS launched the Identity Protection PIN Opt-In Program to help protect users' identities against the instances of theft that have been recorded throughout the tax filing process.

Woman Wants to Know About the IP PIN to Protect Identif in Tax Return

What Is an IP PIN?

The IP PIN is a six-digit personal identification number created to safeguard the owner's identity. It impedes other individuals from using the owner's name to file their tax returns through the owner's Social Security number. No one should know a person's IP PIN beyond the owner, a trusted tax preparer, and the IRS itself. This identification number verifies a person's identity the moment they file their tax returns, whether physically or digitally.

How to Get an IP PIN?

You can get an IP PIN by entering your registration account into the IRS's Get an IP PIN online tool. If you don't have an account on the IRS system, you need to create one to get your identity validated. Afterward, you will get an email with the Notice CP01A displaying the IP PIN that has been assigned to you.

You must consider that an IP PIN is renewed every year. This means that you will receive an email from the IRS with your new IP PIN each year or at the beginning or a new fiscal tax year. If you've been the victim of identity theft, the IRS will also send you the Notice CP01A after evaluating your situation, once your case is resolved and before the start of a new tax season.

Victim of-Identity Theft Worried in front of Computer Ask for New IP PIN
To obtain your IP PIN, you must take note of the following:
  • You will go through a rigorous screening process to verify your identity before you're granted an IP PIN. This is meant to prevent others from attempting to usurp your identity to get a PIN before you do.

  • Spouses or dependent parties can get an IP PIN after completing the corresponding identity verification process to confirm their marital/dependency status.
Likewise, if you don't understand the process entailed in getting your IP PIN, you can enlist a reliable tax preparer to help you along the way. Professional assistance is an important asset to help you file your tax returns knowing that your identity data is protected.

How to Use an IP PIN?

The IP PIN represents important data that must be provided during your tax returns to get access to the tool/software. Make sure that you're entering the correct six-digit code to prevent delays in the taxes you file on paper or to avoid rejection from the system if you make a mistake while filing electronically.

You should also be careful with your IP PIN. Remember that you and your tax preparers are the only ones meant to know the identity code, and even then, we recommend disclosing this information only after your tax return is ready to be signed. You should know that the IRS will never call you or send you an email requesting this information; they will record it only when you file your tax return, so you should never reveal it to other parties.

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Trustworthy Tax Preparers to Safeguard your IP PIN

United Tax & Accounting Group is the tax preparation firm you and your company will need to file all your taxes successfully. We have over a decade of experience providing security and the best protection for each client who trusts us with this/her financial information. We have served countless individuals and businesses when it comes to planning, preparing, and filing their tax returns. We always stay on schedule while preventing omissions and mistakes during the process.

Protect yourself from unnecessary risks! If you want more information on how to get your IP PIN and how to use it during the next tax season, you can count on us. Call (786) 431-5576 or fill out the contact form on our website to start getting all the resources you need for the protection of your identity. Secure the most efficient process as you file your taxes with the best tax preparers in the area.

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