Why Is the IRS Holding Your Refund?

April 22, 2023

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The majority of taxpayers know that filing their taxes early on can be more rewarding, reducing the time they have to wait before getting refunds and tax credits. With that said, many people have their refunds delayed even after filing their taxes on time, sometimes because said refunds are being held by the IRS. In this blog post, our certified tax preparers explain the reasons why the IRS may choose to hold a taxpayer's refunds.

Woman Worried Beacuse The IRS Holding Her Refund

Tax Refund: What Is It?

A tax refund is a credit balance or a tax credit that the taxpayer gets in certain cases, namely when the amount on their taxes is lower than the amount that's been retained on their tax year expenses. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gives back the credit that's been withheld by a third party.

How Long Does It Take To Get an IRS Refund?

If you file your taxes on time, your refunds will be promptly delivered to you. After filing your physical or electronic taxes, the IRS takes a week to verify your information, followed by a twenty-one (21) day period before the refunds are transferred back to you. To get your refunds in a timely manner, your tax returns must be free of errors or omissions.

You can always visit the page Where's My Refund? to check the status of your refund payments. The IRS sends the relevant information to the financial entity you have listed on your profile, so you need to consider the time it usually takes for new deposits to become available in your bank account.

Why Aren't I Getting My Refunds on Time?

If 21 days have passed since you filed your tax return and you still have no news on your refund, there might be some errors in your tax calculation or inaccurate information in any of the items related to the credits you qualify for. In some cases, taxpayers become victims of identity theft or fraud, so a third party is the one receiving the payments. These are all factors to consider while going over your case.

Woman Wonder Why The IRS Holding Her Refund
Delays can also happen when the taxpayer has a debt with the IRS, adding to relevant details that are omitted on the tax forms. If you haven't received your refund after failing to file your taxes during previous years, you need to contact the IRS to request the credit that's been kept from you.

Why Is My Refund Lower than the Amount on My Tax Return?

If the amount you get sits below the number indicated on your tax return, the IRS has likely kept a part of your refund money to cover a pending debt. You can contact an IRS agent to check if you have to cover a tax debt or any pending payments attached to children/ex-spouse allowances, unemployment, etc. You can also ask a tax preparer to walk you through the process as you clear out your debts.

Contact Our Tax Preparers and Get Your Refund without a Hitch

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At United Tax & Accounting Group, you'll find personalized assistance. We serve all types of taxpayers, including undocumented immigrants wishing to start filing their taxes according to the country's laws.

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